1. The nomination method is a primary election, if needed, on Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

2.  Only voters registered in the 23rd House District may vote in the Democratic Party primary election for this office or be candidates for this office on the Democratic Party primary ballot.

3.  The 23rd House District includes portions of Lynchburg City, Amherst County and Bedford County.

4. Candidates seeking to be on the Democratic Party primary ballot for this office must file no earlier than 12:00 Noon on Tuesday, March 11, 2019 and no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday, March 28, 2019. 

5. A complete filing package includes:

   (a) A Declaration of Candidacy (State Department of Elections Form SBE-505/520) .

   (b) A receipt from the Treasurer or Director of Finance in the locality where the candidate lives, showing payment of the primary filing fee of $352.80.

    (c) Petitions of Qualified Voters (State Department of Elections Form SBE-506/521) signed by at least 125 voters registered in the 23rd House District.

6. The filing package must be filed in person with the Chair of the 23rd House of Delegates District Democratic Nominating Committee, Jeffrey Rosner, at the office of the Lynchburg Democratic Committee, Suite 304, Third Floor, Galleria Building, 915 Main Street, Lynchburg VA 24504. Do not mail any part of the filing package. Do not leave any part of the filing package with anyone other than Jeffrey Rosner.

7. Beginning on March 8, 2019, candidates may contact Jeffrey Rosner at 434-384-7083 or by email at to arrange a time for filing in person.

8. Candidates are responsible for obtaining and complying with the official rules and guidance for nominations and candidacy from the State Department of Elections.

9. The following are not official rules or guidance. They are only suggestions for candidates:

     (a) File as early as possible within the March 11-March 28 window above.

     (b) By the time of filing, inform Jeffrey Rosner of your personal email address and/or the email address of your candidate campaign committee, and phone numbers.

     (c) Obtain more than 125 signatures on your petitions, to allow for the possibility that some of the signers might not be qualified voters registered in the 23rd House District.

     (d) The circulators of your petitions should ask each signer to CLEARLY PRINT the signer’s name, street address where registered to vote and no other address, and date signed, in the spaces next to the signature.

      (e) The petition form and a notarized Declaration of Candidacy both require a “photographically reproducible notary seal/stamp”. For that reason, arrange for a notary who uses an inked stamp, not one who uses a clamp that leaves a raised impression on the paper.

10. Any changes to this notice will be posted at (the Web site of the Lynchburg Democratic Committee). Candidates should check this Web site for any changes before filing.