It’s Time For The Fair!

A message from Sharon:

Hi everybody! Hope everyone had a good summer. We are getting ready for the Amherst County Fair this week,  August 16-18, and I just wanted to remind everyone to come on out and visit our booth. We’ll be showcasing all of our candidates! David Zilles for the 23rd house district and Christian Worth for the 24th house district will both be in attendance with us on Fri. and Sat.  We may possibly also have Dakota Claytor, who is running for the 22nd senate district. Please come out and show your support — get to know your candidates!

We have many volunteer opportunities coming up! Visit our website—it’s been updated by Alix, and includes links to all your representatives, as well as a link to donate!

I BELIEVE, if we are going to succeed with our candidates, or any candidate, we need to:


#2. Be vocal, involved, and knowledgable

#3. Be willing to either commit time and or resources, or just throw money at it!

Don’t forget, we have a meeting at the Madison Heights library at 7:00 pm on Aug 27. We hope David Zilles will be able to join us then as well.

LET’S GET TO WORK!  I really hope to see you and meet you at the fair.