May, 2020 Update

Greetings everyone

I hardly know where to begin. So much has changed since we met back in February. 

First, our delegates signed up, thank you guys by the way, and the 6th district convention was held virtually. As a result, Nicholas Betts was chosen as our candidate. He was the only filer and as such the primary for the 6th district was CANCELLED. The state convention is to be held virtually as well and I believe it is yet to be determined if the national will be virtual or held at all.

So importantly, our candidates for 2020 will be Biden for president, Warner for senate and Nicholas Betts for the 6th district.  And we also have a constitutional amendment for gerrymandering on the ballot.

Nicholas has already expressed his desire to reach out to us and is looking forward to a time when we can meet.

I have cancelled meetings through May and plan on meeting again on June 23, provided there is not  a problem with the room. We may have to take certain precautions. This, of course, like the rest of the year 2020, is subject to change.

When we meet we will need to seriously consider how we conduct our business in this challenging new environment. I hope amongst other worries you’ve given it a thought. Ha Ha. 

Again, as a reminder, we in Amherst county do not have a primary in June. Our primary was cancelled because with only one candidate filing it was unnecessary. Phew! Aren’t you glad we don’t have to maneuver that in this environment. But we need to prepare…so I’m looking forward (hopefully) to June. 

Meantime, stay healthy, keep some faith,