February 26 Meeting Highlights

Broadband in Amherst County

Jeremy Bryant, Head of Amherst County Community Development, brought us up-to-date on exciting developments in bringing broadband to rural areas of Amherst County. He specified that six existing public safety towers will soon be equipped to broadcast wifi. The wifi signal will go for a 5 mile radius around each of the towers. But the signal may be blocked by intervening hills. The High Peak tower will be the first to be equipped. All towers should be in operation in less than a year. SCS Broadband of Nelson County will be installing the equipment. You can call them at 434-263-6363 to find out whether your residence should get a good signal. Alternatively contact them online via the “Check for Service” link from the https://scsbroadband.com/.

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative is going to be installing fiber to clients at the northern end of the county. 

Sweet Briar College has a license to use a 2.5 ghz spectrum from a tower. This signal is very strong and travels as far as Smith Mountain Lake. Amherst County may be able to work with Sweet Briar to make use of this spectrum for broadband. Initial discussion of this has stalled.

Other news:

Two candidates attended the meeting: Christian Worth and Dakota Claytor.
Dakota Claytor is running for the 22nd District Senate seat. 
So far we do not have a democratic candidate for the 23th House of Delegates seat.

Christian Worth will again run for the 24th House of Delegates seat. Contact her campaign manager, Chris Burton (chris@worthfordelegate.com), to volunteer to help with the campaign. The first initiative will be phoning No Data/Unkown registered voters in the district. Christian’s webpage is